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Tales of Symphonia x 1 - yukon makoto [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
yukon's online sketchbook

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Tales of Symphonia x 1 [Aug. 1st, 2005|06:32 pm]
yukon's online sketchbook
Break from drawing Tenkay this weekend-- it's Tales of Symphonia time-- My roommie is playing as Lloyd and I'm Genis. It's a good time, but for a while he was all about Sheena, Zelos and Raine, leaving me out of the party... so I sketched this.

I don't know if many people know of or like these charas, but now I sure do! I included Mithos, even though he's not really in our party because he's so sugoi-- MVNPC! All these characters are so colorful! Fujishima obtained the title "Elite Chara Maker".

Here's my impression of our TOS party. As usual, what I lack in drawing 5killz, I try to make up for with random text. :3