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My Painter Dilemma! - yukon makoto [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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My Painter Dilemma! [Apr. 5th, 2006|08:33 pm]
yukon's online sketchbook
After my HD crashed, I had to install a new OS and that meant getting new software. Unfortunately I'm not getting the same results from Painter 8 that I did from my Classic Painter 6.03...

I finished drawing the next update to 10K: FINAL Stage but since I can't get the digiwatercolor to look even close to right, I haven't been able to paint it! I'm still trying to adjust all the settings to get it how I want it.

To test the new tools and adjust the settings, I painted this test page for Miyachi's Paper...

The colors are muddy, the saturation is all wrong, even if I dry it in between each layer, the colors won't glaze properly-- no matter how much I adjust the diffusion and grain, I can't get the edges to not look like this! rrrggh!!

One might say I'm a little disappointed in the changes to Corel Painter's Watercolor tools. I'll keep trying though-- (if anyone has tech knowledge about the configurations of the watercolor settings in Painter 8+, sore mo yoroshiku! :)